Raise Your Business Profile – 3 Simple Ideas

These days, business is more competitive than ever, so it’s important to find ways to raise your business profile. In this post, we discuss 3 simple ways you can get your name out there, to stand up and get noticed in your community or industry.

By raising your profile, you can attract more potential clients and become known as an authority in your industry.

1. Update and improve your website content

Do you rely on your website as a lead magnet? Or it’s simply an online brochure for your business? Either way, it’s important to keep your site in tip-top condition.

Your website is not a “set and forget” marketing tool. It’s important to regularly update the site’s content, so it remains fresh and relevant.

Website experts advise your website content should be updated at least monthly, but weekly is preferred. That might seem like a lot of work to some but consider how much business your website generates – or could potentially generate – for your business.

One handy way to keep adding fresh content to your website is to publish regular blog posts which inform and educate your target audience.

Remember, Google loves fresh information, including new, relevant or timely content. If there’s a hot topic in your industry, why not write a blog post around that subject and publish a post? Your post needs to provide quality information that generates interest from readers

If your business website is more than two years old, and you haven’t added any new content in that time, you definitely need to take a critical look at the site. Carry out a website audit by looking at:

  • The content you’ve already published
  • Considering which audience your content appeals to
  • Look at how your current pages and posts are performing
  • Consider how each of your pages or posts could be updated or improved

The most important thing to remember is: Your content should be interesting and useful.

If you struggle to come up with ideas or to write blog posts, this article may help.

2. Promote the success of your clients and how you’ve helped them

Do you receive positive reviews or testimonials from happy clients? If not, this is something you must proactively encourage, as third-party endorsements are pure gold! Most people who’ve never encountered you and your business will read reviews and/or testimonials to find out about other people’s experience with your business before committing to buying.

Why not follow up on your happy clients by writing a client success story around their purchase of your products or services? This is an expansion of the testimonial or review. It enables your client to tell others about their positive experience with your business. This provides more third-party endorsements, helping them feel valued. By detailing the customer experience in their own words, you can illustrate exactly how your product or service delivers a solution to the client’s problem.

If your client has a business, you can also offer to provide a backlink from your blog post to their website, which will help their Google ranking as well #winwin.

We write client success stories on behalf of our clients, following a tried and tested, step-by-step formula which clearly and concisely outlines their story and how you helped them.

3. Enter a business award

One of the most effective ways to raise your business profile is by entering a business award. Of course, you’ll need to have achieved some milestones which are worthy of recognition first.

Be selective about which awards you enter. It’s a good idea to start local first. Your Chamber of Commerce or other local business awards are a great way to get into the swing of entering awards. If you prefer, you might enter an industry-specific award. For example:

  • REI Awards for real estate agents
  • The Australian Law Awards for lawyers or
  • The Australian Mortgage Awards for mortgage brokers

If you need some inspiration on which awards to choose, there’s a list in this previous post.

Collating and preparing your awards entry can be a great exercise in reflecting on your successes and planning out your path for the future. It’s so easy to overlook your achievements unless you stop to acknowledge them in some way, and entering a business award is ideal for this purpose.

Being shortlisted as a finalist is an honour in itself, and winning your category or the overall award you’ve entered is the pinnacle of recognition. It’s important to put your best foot forward.

Expert tip: Don’t be shy about your achievements and MAKE SURE YOU ANSWER THE QUESTIONS BEING ASKED. This may sound obvious, but you’d be surprised how many people go off on a tangent with irrelevant information and lose the judge’s interest by doing this.

Of course, you must leverage your success as a finalist or winner by sharing it on socials, publishing a blog post and you can also send out a media release to get your story published in the news!

Need some help?

Need help with entering an award, writing client success stories or updating your website content? Our team can assist.

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