Angela Henderson, international award winning business consultant

Working with Lyndall has been an absolute blast.

She is professional, kind, prompt and simply amazing at her ability to pull everything together.

I highly recommend Lyndall.

Angela Henderson

Business Consultant

Angela Henderson Consulting


Lyndall is extremely experienced in her field and has a way with words that makes everything sound fabulous.

Highly recommend Lyndall for all types of writing. I have used her for my website, articles and form letters for my business, and every time she has blown me away.

Beverley Warne


Carpets on the Move


I recently referred a client of mine to The Professional Writer. Lyndall and her team responded quickly to the opportunity and the copy was completed on time and to my client’s satisfaction.

I wouldn’t hesitate to use and recommend The Professional Writer.

Tanya Bellchambers


Blue Platypus Digital

Mayberry Meldrum and Anderson, testimonial, The Professional Writer, happy clients

Our accounting firm contracted The Professional Writer recently and we have been absolutely delighted with the service and results provided. As accountants, we are very good at numbers, but overwhelmed when it comes to words and writing. Lyndall and her team have been exactly what we were looking for, and by employing her writing services, it has enabled us to simply continue with our numbers.

Lyndall is a delight to work with, friendly and very easy to talk to, and she did a wonderful job of engaging with all our staff, finding out who we are and what we do, and then bringing that to life through the written word. Lyndall’s work is of the very highest quality, professional, timely and accurate. Our firm will now be using The Professional Writer for all our writing requirements, and it is such a relief for us as a business, to have someone like this who we can now simply ask to write for us.

We know that they know and understand our business, and that they will deliver what we need. Working with The Professional Writer has been a wonderful experience and I can highly recommend Lyndall and her team for the writing needs of all businesses and individuals.

Jeannie Anderson


Mayberry Meldrum Anderson

Michael Abdul Massih

We wanted a fresh approach for our Comet brand launch – we needed informative, easy-to-read wording which would speak directly to our customers.

Lyndall was able to digest a large amount of information provided by us to quickly gain an understanding of our business and the outcome we were aiming for. She asked good questions which helped us reach our end goal, and provided an additional perspective which has really opened our eyes about the way we present and market our brand.

The Professional Writer provided friendly service with a quick turnaround, a seamless process, was easy to work with, excellent value for money and they delivered a great result.

Michael Abdul-Massih

National Sales Manager

Comet Transport


Having recently rebuilt my own website, I was finding it difficult to find the right words to best reflect the services I offer, the history of my business, my skills and experience.

So, this time I decided that I needed to seek out an experienced professional to assist me, which is why I engaged Lyndall, The Professional Writer. Who better than a professional copywriter for this undertaking? I’m glad I did.

Before she started writing, Lyndall took the time to not only get to know myself and what I required, but to get to know my business and my target audience.

Lyndall kept me up-to-date during the entire process, which included several drafts to confirm that we were still within scope of the project. Lyndall maintained contact throughout this time, which exhibited the interest in my requirements and business which I had initially sought.
The bonus to this is, I likewise grew to know Lyndall’s business and the processes involved, which enables me to provide this recommendation and testimonial in good faith.

Lyndall is truly amazing at what she does. From concept, through the consulting stage and final delivery. I highly recommend that, if you’re after a professional result for website or marketing content, company profile, tender, or similar, give Lyndall a call first.

Thank you, Lyndall. The time, effort and results speak for themselves!

Peter Sibilant


Big Rock Graphics

Evolution Construction

Dear Lyndall, We would like to thank you for both your professionalism and prompt replies in relation to our Company Profile booklet and our web content.

From our initial call, you alleviated all our concerns and seemed to ask all the right questions, not only saving us time, but the stress of having to write this on our own. We look forward to working with you in the future and wish you all the best.

Steven Burgess

Licensed Builder & Proprietor

Evolution Construction & Design


Lyndall is truly a professional writer! Her service was excellent, very professional, friendly and honest. We engaged Lyndall to write our Company Profile and update the current content.

The final result far exceeded our expectations.

We would highly recommend Lyndall’s services to any business in need of an expert Company Profile writer.

Maher Chamsine


CBS Engineers


One of the major elements of success in the Real Estate industry is great marketing, but you can waste a lot of valuable time trying to write creatively and persuasively.

Lyndall has the ideal combination of extensive Real Estate experience and an enviable ability to find just the right words for our advertising, editorial copy, company profile and listing booklets.

She produces a more polished and professional approach, which in turn brings us more business.

We’re ecstatic with the results Lyndall helps us achieve for our clients and our business.


I’ve known Lyndall Guinery-Smith for over 20 years. During this time, I’ve hired her expertise on many occasions for marketing, professional writing and editing services. Lyndall is extremely gifted with her command of English and her writing abilities.

Her skills as a professional writer are outstanding. It’s certainly worth outsourcing my marketing work to her. For the relatively small investment I make, she can have a project completed in less than half the time it would take me to do the same thing – which makes good business sense to me.

I have always found Lyndall to be a very honest and hardworking person. She is always looking for ways to get the best outcome for her clients.

I would have no problem whatsoever in recommending Lyndall and her team to anyone, from writing an award nomination to marketing materials or a web page.

Jacqueline Smith

Financial Planner

Waters Homes logo

From start to finish, Lyndall and Grace were extremely friendly and professional.

They went above and beyond our expectations for our capability statement.

We highly recommend them and will most certainly be using them again for any future work.

Tyson Waters

Office Manager & Carpenter

Waters Homes


As a busy small business owner, I prefer to deal with people who get in and get the job done, quickly and simply. The great thing about Lyndall Guinery-Smith is that she takes a load off my mind – I hand her a job and she brings back the finished product… no hassles. Writing is not my specialty.

I used to spend up to 20 hours trying to put together a small marketing project. Now, Lyndall knocks it over in just 2 hours (or less). Utilising her services allows me to spend my time making more money doing what I’m good at, which is what we all aim for.

With her superior marketing and writing skills, Lyndall has become my Professional Writer and I have absolutely no qualms about recommending her to other business owners.

Lyndall is the type of person you’d want to take to the battle trenches – she’ll always watch your back and do right by you.

Mike Gates

The Walking Wizard

JAM profile

We’ve been working with Lyndall for several years (beginning 2016) – she is our go-to copywriter for property scripts, staff profiles, press releases and anything else we need professionally written.

Last year, when we decided to enter the prestigious Real Estate Business Awards, we naturally chose to work with Lyndall to ensure our submissions were polished to perfection. Not only did she highlight our achievements, Lyndall was full of amazing ideas. We entered four categories and were delighted to be selected as national finalists in ALL FOUR CATEGORIES! Our amazing BDM/Property Manager then won the category of Rising Star!!

We’re so grateful to have found Lyndall. She’s now an amazing asset to our business and we look forward to continuing to work with her in the future.


I have been in the construction industry for over thirty six years and in business for over eighteen years and I would say that Lyndall is one of the most professional and competent people I have worked with throughout my career. 

When Lyndall sent through her first proof for me to read, just before I opened it I said to myself, “please be what I am looking for”. There was quite a few pages to read and by the time I read the first page I was almost jumping with joy because I knew this was going to be exactly what I wanted.  We hardly changed anything, couple of words here and there.  I was so happy with the format and the way everything was explained.

Lyndall’s wealth of knowledge in writing made the entire process for me as smooth as possible, it was an absolute pleasure to work with Lyndall and I would have no hesitations in recommending her to any prospective client and I look forward to working with her again in the future.

Andrew Brown


Freedom Developments Qld

Lisa Naumovski

Sometimes in our legal profession we forget that not everyone communicates using the terminology that we do.

That’s why when we wanted to put out an information brochure we wanted a layperson to write the content, so that we could be sure it was understood. Lyndall got this straight away and set out to translate the legalese into a concise summary that ticked the main points we were trying to hit.

For a cost effective, friendly service and a great result I would not hesitate to recommend Lyndall and the team from The Professional Writer.

Lisa Naumovski


Bourke Love


Lyndall and her team are a pleasure to work with & so professional.

They made the major task of creating a company profile and capability statement for my business enjoyable & the end results were better than I could have hoped for….

Thank you Professional Writer.

Bill Townsend

Managing Director

Cool-a-bah Cooling Services

Sharon Styman

I contracted The Professional Writer for a major event I was facilitating and needed an exceptional press release to be sent out to the media outlets. The press release I received was exceptional and completely did its job in heralding the event. Our corporate sponsors and partners were equally impressed and gave a wordy vote of professional thanks.

Thanks again Lyndall for such a highly professional job, I would highly recommend your services.

Sharon Styman


Sharon Styman Business Strategist & Coach


Lyndall was able to take our ideas and reorder them into a simple, easy to understand format, eloquently shaped for our particular audience.

She expertly captured the unique essence of our business, our team and the service we provide. We found Lyndall a pleasure to deal with and would recommend her to others.

She’s great at what she does and provides excellent customer service.

Carol Grosskopf



As a print company with discerning clients, it is imperative that we communicate with everyone in a professional, friendly manner.

Lyndall and her team help us to achieve that purpose with outstanding copywriting for our e-newsletters & marketing collateral.

Easy to work with and passionate about getting our market-to-message content right every time.
Highly recommended!!


WOW! I love working with people that are the best at what they do. Lyndall and her team do so much more than just ‘polish’ what you give them.

They have presented our business on a whole different level and filled our team with confidence and pride. The affects their work will have on my team, my customers, my prospects and ultimately my business will be gigantic. Thank you ever so much.

Matt George

Summit Fitness


The Professional Writer recently help my electrical business with our Capability Statement. They are so easy to work with, very professional and produce amazing work in a quick time frame.

Lyndall is a pleasure to work with and I would highly recommend her to anyone.

Michael Buda


Sunshine State Electrical

Jennifer Laasanen

Lyndall wrote my bio for my Kinesiology and massage business.

She writes so eloquently and draws on key points from your interview to capture your essence and passions.

She is easy to work with and gets things done efficiently so that you can put your best foot forward in your business.

Thank you Lyndall, so grateful.

Jennifer Laasanen

Massage therapist & kinesiologist

Jennifer Laasanen Wellness

Rory Curtis

We thought our website landing page and about us copy was ok until we had it rewritten.

Not only does it sound more professional but it has improved our ranking online by having the right keywords in the right places.

Rory Curtis

Bathroom Renovation Expert

Designer Bathrooms Plus


Lyndall wrote my professional profile for me.

After just one phone call, she was able to capture my story in the first draft….AMAZING!!

Thank you so much for your help in getting my new business and ultimate vision for all businesses off the ground.

Rebecca Smith


Pivot & Prosper

Belinda Dinsey

Thanks Lyndall for knowing how to put together “The Words” to reach my perfect audience.

My profile blurb was boring and outdated and I have spent hours trying to perfect it. While we all know our business it does not always mean we know how to write about our business – you certainly do.

You have done an amazing job.

Belinda Dinsey

Investment Property & Management Consultant

RBR Property Consultants


All businesses need good quality content to stand out above their competitors. Lyndall & Sam at The Professional Writer are the team to help you do that.

The content they created was very well done and they are an absolute pleasure to deal with. Will be using them again on future projects. Thank you.

Chris McCarthy


Scrap Global

Expert Cashflow Solutions, budget expert

Lyndall and her team are just a delight to work with.

Being more of a mathematical nerd, writing a clear and concise message is not my strong point. Lyndall took the time to understand me and my business and made sure that was conveyed in my website.

Their business name says it all – The Professional Writer.

Chris Catherwood

Director / Budget Expert

Expert Cash Flow Solutions

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