9 ways a professional copywriter can help you

Why hire a professional writer to help with your marketing?

A professional copywriter can help you engage and connect with your ideal clients, and win more business!

Read on to find out how …

Words and writing which takes flight

A fresh approach to your marketing

Do you feel your marketing has become clichéd? Tired? Outdated? At the Professional Writer, we use our marketing expertise to offer a fresh approach, with newer, snazzier text which really turns heads and wins you more business.

Help develop ideas

Before we get started writing, we will first ask questions – and listen to the answers – to provide us with valuable input regarding your ideas and/or marketing strategy. This ensures clarity for both yourself and our writer, ensuring the best possible outcome for you.

Work with a specialist

As professional writers, we focus on one thing – writing. We are trained to ask questions, research our topic and write quality copy which attracts the attention of your prospects. It’s what we do all day long, so we’re pretty good at it. By working in collaboration with us, you’re more likely to achieve the desired outcomes on your project.

Ability to see the client’s perspective

Your copy MUST always be written with the reader in mind. When you work in your business every day, you know it so very well, but it can be challenging to see things from the perspective of a new or potential client. A professional copywriter has the ability to step back and see things you may not see because you are simply too close to the topic.

Clearly identify and target your intended audience

Tapping into our marketing expertise, writing skills and specialist training, we can identify and target your specific audience. A powerful message can specifically target a particular market segment or various segments.

Ability to see what’s missing

As professional writers, we can suggest relevant content and identify any missing material, or perhaps see that the order of presentation needs to be changed. Our goal is to make your business shine brightly. We also have the ability to step back and analyse the flow of information across your website or marketing materials, to check the readers’ experience and perception of your business.

Saves you time

What is your time worth? Isn’t your time better spent doing what you do best? If you’re busy working in your business, you often don’t have the time to write marketing materials. A professional copywriter can take care of that for you. We can get the project started and keep things moving along, assisting you to complete marketing projects which may otherwise remain incomplete. It’s a collaborative effort.

Go ahead – use our skills and knowledge to your advantage

So, you’re not great at writing, or you have trouble writing about yourself? That’s completely fine – we’re here to help. A professional writer has the skills and knowledge to write copy which will attract, inspire and engage your ideal customers, bringing you more business.

We help you project a consistent and more professional image

Do you find your various pieces of marketing material and your website simply don’t gel? Our professional writers can assist you by writing copy which presents a professional and consistent image across all mediums. This may include a business mission statement, slogan or motto, as well as copy for your website, company profile, advertising and marketing materials.

Are you ready to hire a professional copywriter to help with your marketing?

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