How to Write a Compelling About Us Page

When our clients are setting up a new website, or updating an old one, they often tell us they want a compelling About Us page, but they’re not sure what information to include. Some people don’t want to appear as though they are bragging about themselves or their business, while others say they don’t want to reveal their identity, preferring to “hide behind” their website. The purpose of your About page is to introduce yourselves to prospective customers and you need to use a strategy that helps them to know, like, and trust you. So, hiding is not an option if you want to win more business!

To write a compelling About Us page, you need to tell an engaging story that is actually about your customers, just as much as it’s about your business or team.

Prospective customers want to know how you solve their problem and what you can do for them, then they want to know who you are.

Your About Us page helps establish and build relationships

The About Us page is the seed of your budding relationship, so it’s important to write in an engaging way, to establish a connection with your ideal customers and start to build trust with them. Speak to your audience as though you’re having a one-to-one conversation – invite them into your business, virtually and literally.

Depending on the length of your customer buying journey, most people will Google your business to find out who you are, read your About Us page and read reviews that rate the service you deliver. This is why it’s important to carefully consider how to write a compelling About Us page story.

Once you break it down, it’s actually quite simple. Think about what your prospective customers want – or need to know about your business. Then tell them WHY they should buy from you, rather than your competitors.

Tips on writing a compelling About Us page

  • Facts win over fluff, every time – keep it simple
  • Detail the solutions your business delivers
  • Tell them HOW you rise to the challenge and solve their problem
  • Outline the story of your business – and why you started
  • Know your mission and direction – share it with your audience
  • Don’t make bold claims you can’t substantiate
  • Detail your competitive advantage and why customers should buy your product or service
  • Be human, be authentic
  • Be confident without sounding boastful
  • Use reviews to enable others to reinforce your story (link to them)
  • Express your brand’s personality

Introduce your team to readers

A compelling About Us page focuses on people, not products or services. Readers want to know who is behind the business. After all, people do business with people, not entities. Be sure to introduce your team members and include a team photo. You may also want to have a Meet the Team page with a photo and profile of each person, detailing how they help customers and what they enjoy most about their job – readers love this.

Why are business values important?

It’s important to know what your business core values are because customers buy from businesses whose values align with their own. For example, if someone is a vegan, they may only want to buy from a vegan-friendly business.

Knowing your business/brand values and what you stand for will help underpin the story you tell and make for a more compelling About Us page.

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