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Top Capability Statement Tips for Construction Companies

Winning new business in the construction industry is no easy feat. In a sector characterised by intense competition and high stakes, having the right tools to demonstrate your company’s capabilities is crucial. One of the most powerful tools at your disposal is a professional Capability Statement. This document can help you open doors, build strong

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Discover the power of client success stories

Connecting Through Client Success Stories

There are many ways to connect with potential clients, but none are as powerful than client success stories. As human beings, we all like to emulate the success of others. That’s why reviews and client testimonials are so powerful. What is a Client Success Story? We all love receiving positive reviews and testimonials. Imagine taking

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How to engage and connect with your clients

Engage and Connect: The Key to Building Client Relationships

It’s no secret that the lifeblood of any small business relies on the power to truly engage and connect with the people who matter most—our ideal clients. Success in marketing hinges not just on reaching your audience but resonating with them, laying the groundwork for establishing and building enduring relationships and fostering loyal customers. Taking

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Brand voice

Brand Voice: A Must-read Guide for Small Business Owners

As a small business owner or entrepreneur, you’re undoubtedly aware that your brand sits at the heart of your enterprise. Your brand is a vital force that can dictate the trajectory of your success. Have you ever paused to think about your brand voice?  The brand voice is a pivotal yet often underestimated facet of

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human connection, client connection, authenticity

The Power of Human Connection

Today’s businesses have access to more data and technology than ever before. The insights provided by analytics and automation can certainly inform better decisions. However, no matter how advanced our tech tools become, there is no replacement for the immense value of human connection. In a world full of impersonal screens and digital communication, people

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How a business capability statement helps you grow and prosper

9 Ways a Business Capability Statement Helps You Grow & Prosper

A business capability statement is a strategic document that offers a snapshot of your organisation’s key competencies, experience, and capabilities. Think of it as a blend of a company profile and a business resume, highlighting the unique strengths and expertise of your business. It serves as a powerful marketing tool to showcase your strengths, past

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Building trust through website copy, professional web copywriting tips

Establishing Trust Through Your Website Copy

Establishing trust is a crucial aspect of any business, but it’s not always as easy as it seems. Trust can be seen as a currency that influences customer loyalty, buying decisions, and even employee retention. In today’s fast-paced world, where social media has the power to shape politics and markets, recognizing and respecting issues that

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7 attributes of an award-winning business

7 Attributes of an Award-winning Business

We’ve written hundreds of business award submission over the years, telling the stories of some incredible businesses in the process. A lot of businesspeople want to win an award, but not every business is successful in their quest. So, what makes an award-winning business? What makes one business stand out from the crowd? This blog

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compelling testimonials, how to get red hot testimonials from clients

Compelling Testimonials : Top Tips for Powerful Feedback

Receiving compelling testimonials from clients is a rewarding experience for any business. However, sometimes our testimonials can fall short of capturing the true essence of our product or service offering and impact. To truly showcase the value we provide, it’s essential to encourage clients to write testimonials that go beyond generic praise and instead offer

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Fresh website content helps your website rank and get noticed

Why Fresh Website Content Matters

Your business website is not something you simply “set and forget”. You must update it regularly. And it’s no secret that adding fresh website content is beneficial for improving your site’s ranking and visibility. But have you ever wondered why? There are several reasons, and this blog post will explain them clearly, so let’s get

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