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Real estate headlines that work

How to write Real Estate headlines that work

Want more buyers at your Open Homes? Yes? If you want to get more buyers through the door, you may need to work on your ad writing skills, particularly your headlines. Headline writing is a critical skill for all Real Estate agents. The headline is vital in engaging the buyer’s interest in a property. You

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Inspire your customers with a powerful story, professional writer

Powerful Stories Inspire Your Customers

We all know how important it is to make a connection with customers in business today. Did you know that powerful stories inspire customers? Smart businesses create brand awareness and influence both prospects and customers by involving them in their story. Think about companies such as Apple computers, Boost Juice or Red Balloon Days …

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Article writing, how to write an article

How to write an article: 5 expert tips

OK – so you’re keen to write an article and have it published in your industry magazine, online journal or local newspaper. Most publications are happy to accept article submissions from your small business – as long as your story has an interesting angle!   So, what’s the key to success? Following are 5 quick tips

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Stories sell more, create a business story, write your business story, professional writer

Stories Sell More: 5 Top Tips

It’s a fact: Stories Sell More! Think about a brand you know and love. Do you connect with their brand story? Many small business owners would like to get customers to buy more products or services … and buy them more often. But do we know why people buy in the first place? According to

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