OK – so you’re keen to get an article published in your industry magazine, online journal or local newspaper. Most publications are

Producing a successful eNewsletter is easier than you think. Following are 7 key components successful newsletters have in common. WHO are you

Get noticed in business

We all want to get noticed in business, don’t we? It’s how people get to know, like and trust us, then buy

business creative thinking, bring creativity alive in your business, professional writer

Creative thinking isn’t always front-of-mind in business, but it can help solve problems through brainstorming, flexibility, originality and imagination. The ability to

Now that I’ve got your attention … let’s find out how you can attract more business with a targeted article or press

Stories sell more, create a business story, write your business story, professional writer

Stories Sell More: 5 Top Tips

It’s a fact: Stories Sell More! Think about a brand you know and love. Do you connect with their brand story? Many

Create Clients for Life, how to connect and convert, professional writer, client connection

We all know the value of creating clients for life. But how do we convert new customers into clients who’ll stick around

You want to promote your business and attract more customers. You’ve done your research and found out that writing a press release

As a customer, what makes you want to deal with one business over another when they both appear to offer the same

Time after time, I hear small business owners lament ‘my marketing doesn’t work’. Quite often, when I ask them what type of marketing

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