How to harness the power of THANK YOU to grow your Real Estate business

As you’re probably aware, building a strong relationship with your clients is key in establishing and growing a sizeable and profitable client base within your Real Estate business. However, some real estate agents are unsure of the best way to go about this.

One of the easiest, most cost-effective strategies is to harness the power of saying “Thank You” to those who help your business to grow. Now, this might sound basic, but just think for a moment – when was the last time you were sincerely thanked? I don’t mean a “yeah thanks” comment made in passing – I mean a really sincere, heartfelt THANK YOU. How did that make you feel? Good, right?

Did you know that the number 1 reason clients jump ship to a competitor is they feel you’re indifferent, or that you don’t care whether they stay or go? This is easily addressed by thanking them.

Would you prefer that your clients feel that you truly appreciate their business and that you value them, or that you’re indifferent towards them?

A sincere and heartfelt THANK YOU has the power to:

  • Show your absolute appreciation
  • Make clients feel valued
  • Build rapport and enhance your relationships with clients
  • Cement your relationship with your client, following a positive sales experience
  • Facilitate more future referrals to come your way
  • Help you to build a strong and profitable client base

One vital component of the THANK YOU is that you MUST be authentic and sincere about it. People can spot a fake from miles away. Say it because you mean it, or don’t say it at all.

One of the reasons that giving thanks is so effective in business today is that the act of saying THANK YOU to clients has diminished.

Top tips for a powerful THANK YOU

  • Be specific and say what it means to you – e.g. Thank You for choosing me as your Real Estate agent – I know there are others you could have chosen, but you chose me, so thank you very much for that. You placed your trust in me during one of the most important transactions of your lives. It has been a great pleasure working with you to achieve the best outcome in the sale of your property. I trust you’re more than happy with the service you received and hope you’re willing to tell your family and friends about the great service you received. Best wishes…
  • Don’t just thank your vendors, thank:
    • the buyers
    • past clients who give you referrals
    • conjunction agents
    • solicitors and conveyancers and
    • perhaps the pest and building inspectors. All these people have the potential to refer future clients your way and to help you build your business, so be sure to thank them.
  • It doesn’t have to cost a bomb – a simple thank you note or a small token can be just as effective as sending expensive gifts. However, if you’ve just sold a property for a client, it is customary to gift flowers, a hamper, wine or similar items as a token of your appreciation at settlement time. A handwritten note should always accompany the gift.

 When to use Social Media

When contracts are exchanged, or you sell a property at auction, this is a good time to harness the power of social media by posting a picture of you in front of the SOLD sign or something similar. Happy vendors are usually willing to pose for a photo with you – if not the vendors, then use the opportunity to congratulate the buyers. Share this with your social media networks – it demonstrates your success and indicates you have happy clients.

While this is a fabulous marketing tool, it doesn’t replace a personal thank you note or gift which you share only with your clients at settlement time.

This is the key

DO NOT use email, text, Facebook, Twitter or any form of social media to express your personal thanks at the end of the transaction. It means too little when transmitted this way.

Pick up your pen and hand write a personal THANK YOU message and mail or hand deliver it. This means SO much more than the electronic version and will leave a lasting impression on the receiver.

Why? How many emails, texts and social media posts do you read each day? How many hand-written notes to you receive? Which one stands out more?

This is a simple, quick and cost-effective way to follow up your positive sales experience by putting a smile on your client’s face, while ensuring they talk about you in a positive light.

May you received a constant flow of referrals from your many happy clients!

Want to know more?

Hi, I’m Lyndall Guinery-Smith, business owner and chief word wrangler at The Professional Writer. My team and I write content dedicated to attracting and engaging your ideal clients … and improving your bottom line. This includes website content – we LOVE writing About Us pages, business award nominations, capability statements, company profiles, team bios, blog post packages, and more. We happily work with clients all over Australia. Email us to arrange an  obligation-free discussion about your latest project.


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