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7 top tips for a winning Company Profile – from a professional writer

Your Company Profile doesn’t have to be a boring document that people don’t read. It can be a vibrant and interesting introduction to your organisation which helps you win more business. The following 7 tips from a professional Company Profile writer can guide you in writing the best possible document, which will help sell your business to your

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9 ways Social Media can help grow your small business

How to Use Social Media to help grow your business Social media has become a must-do activity for all businesses, but it’s especially important if you want to stay competitive. What’s the first thing you do if you want to know about an organisation? YOU GOOGLE IT- or you search for the business name on

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How to make your Company Profile stand out

Once you’ve made the decision to prepare a Company Profile, or update your old one, you need to take some time to think about the content. Yes, there are standard formats you can follow, which provide details of your company, what you do and how you do it. Can I suggest you take a slight

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How to write a Company Profile that wins business

An engaging Company Profile is a great way to truly connect with prospective customers – and get them to buy from you. It can also help you to portray a professional image, help to establish rapport, build trust and reinforce your brand. While it’s tempting to produce a document which looks bright and shiny, it’s

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