7 low-cost marketing tips for small business

Time after time, I hear small business owners lament ‘my marketing doesn’t work’. Quite often, when I ask them what type of marketing they do, I hear stories of how they recently ran an ad in the local paper, or dropped leaflets into the letterboxes of local homes, and received little or no response, so they stopped ‘marketing’.

As a small business owner, your marketing budget is often rather limited, so you need to make every dollar count. Following are some helpful tips to stretch your marketing dollar further:

  1. Tell ‘em and tell ‘em again – Today’s consumers are overwhelmed with marketing messages, so unless your message specifically addresses a problem they have, it will go unnoticed. Sadly, a one-off advertisement or flyer just won’t cut it. This is why you need to keep marketing your product or service on a regular basis, as your potential customers often need to hear your message several times before they will respond.
  2. Get noticed with a punchy headline – Asking a question which addresses the need of your target customer is a very effective method.  For example, ’Does your lawn need mowing, but you just don’t have the time?’ or ‘Isyour book-keeping driving you mad?’ or ‘Want better value for money on your insurance?’.
  3. Who ARE you? NEVER put your business name at the top of your advertisement unless the name of your business solves a problem. Basically, the person reading the flyer doesn’t care who you are until you tell them how you’re going to help solve their problem.
  4. Less is more – Don’t try to cram too much information into the ad – just a few important points are enough.
  5. Happy clients help sell your message – Having said that, it’s great to use a brief testimonial from a happy client (with a photo) if you can, i.e. ‘this is how they solved my problem…’, which shows how effective your product or service can be. A third party is always more convincing at selling your product or service than you are.
  6. Will it work?  It’s a great idea to test your ad copy out on a few people first – preferably someone who will give you open and constructive feedback.
  7. Devil in the details – Make it easy for people to contact you. Ensure your phone number, street address and/or website address is prominently displayed. Make sure you double-check for mistakes too – one wrong digit in your phone number or web address can be a disaster! Ensure your staff know about the marketing campaign and that they greet all customers in a welcoming manner. It costs too much to get them ‘in the door’ – you don’t want to lose them before they buy!!

Remember, consistency counts… so keep sending that message out to your clients and potential clients on a regular basis. Best wishes with your marketing efforts.


Lyndall Guinery-Smith is The Professional Writer. She loves to write copy dedicated to attracting and engaging your customers, and improving your bottom line.

Lyndall has a strong background in Real Estate and is a specialist Property Copywriter. She happily works with clients all round Australia. Email her to arrange an obligation-free discussion about your latest project.

Want to know more?

Hi, I’m Lyndall Guinery-Smith, business owner and chief word wrangler at The Professional Writer. My team and I write content dedicated to attracting and engaging your ideal clients … and improving your bottom line. This includes website content – we LOVE writing About Us pages, business award nominations, capability statements, company profiles, team bios, blog post packages, and more. We happily work with clients all over Australia. Email us to arrange an  obligation-free discussion about your latest project.


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